Heartwood Animal Hospital, with the help of everyone’s contributions to our Tender Care Fund charity, has helped another Youngsville pet once again.

Meet Tippy, a 12 year old Peakapoo who was found in a house last week after an elderly lady had recently passed away. As you can see, Tippy had fallen behind on her care and grooming needs, and the family brought her to Ruff Cutts to have her cleaned up.

Unfortunately, the groomer found a very bad skin infection on her left arm that had become infestated with maggots. A call was made to our hospital and we made the decision that this was a pet we felt we could make a difference for!
Once at the hospital, Tippy was officially adopted by Heartwood Animal Hospital and treated right away. Besides the maggot infested leg, she was also covered in fleas to the point to where she was anemic because the fleas were eating all of her red blood cells. She was sedated, the wound was cleaned and maggots were removed, and a bandage was placed. She also had full labwork and her vaccines updated to ensure no other problems were present. She spent the next several nights at Heartwood Animal
Hospital under the care of everyone in our team (Denise especially took a liking to her).

Today, her bandage has been removed and the wound is healed. She is walking around like a champion, and her haircut suits her well! Most days you can find Tippy sleeping in her bed at the front desk and at nights Denise is taking her home so she can be loved on and does not feel alone. Tippy is currently looking for a good home where she can live out the rest of her days in peace and comfort.

Please contact us at 919-570- 9311 or email heartwood.friends@gmail.com or inquire on our Facebook page if you are interested in caring for Tippy.

Thank you once again for your generous donations and we look forward to all of the success stories to come.
Heartwood Animal Hospital Team