Pet Diagnostics in Youngsville

Heartwood Animal Hospital is equipped to meet your pet’s needs at all times. We have a fully-equipped in-house laboratory to process any pet diagnostics tests that your pet requires for their health. We have an array of testing options available, including:

  • Comprehensive chemistry panel
  • Mini chemistry panel
  • LaserCyte CBC
  • Electrolyte analysis
  • Specific gravity and total solids
  • Urinalysis and sediment evaluation
  • Ear cytology and ear mite evaluation
  • Cytology for FNAs
  • The ability to send out labs:
    • Fecals (intestinal parasite screening)
  • Microscopic evaluation of skin scrapes
  • Snap 4Dx heartworm test
  • FELV/FIV combo test
  • ...and other specialized tests

When needed, we are also able to send our pet diagnostics out to national labs for more comprehensive results.

Why Dental Radiographs Are Important

Dental radiographs allow us to see the area beneath the gum line where up to 75% of tooth structure lies. By taking full mouth radiographs, we can more accurately diagnose very common diseases. Studies have shown that dental disease is incompletely diagnosed 70% of the time without x-rays. Common findings using dental radiography include: periodontal disease, tooth resorption, impacted teeth, retained root fragments, dead teeth, broken tooth roots, and abscessed teeth. We generally recommend a set of full mouth x-rays at 6 months of age in conjunction with the spay or neuter procedure or with the first cat or dog teeth cleaning. Follow up x-rays will be recommended based on the type and extent of disease present. Without x-rays, most of our patients would suffer in silence with a painful mouth.

Dog Teeth X-Ray for Pet Diagnostics