Certified Cat Friendly Practice in Youngsville

Are you owned by a feline companion? Heartwood Animal Hospital knows that your cat is a very special creature and we are committed to providing customized care specifically designed for these unique friends.

When Your Feline Friend Needs Veterinary Care

The Heartwood Animal Hospital team understands that our feline friends are special and we recommend that all cat owners take extra precautions with their best friends. Cats are known for their tendency to hide their feelings when things are wrong, making every effort to hide signs of weakness. For this reason, regular check-ups are so important for our feline friends! We use these annual wellness visits to examine your cat from nose to tail, and we often utilize advanced diagnostics to check for underlying conditions that may not be visible.

Did you know that cats can be diabetic? Did you know your cat could be suffering from kidney disease right now? Did you also know that they can have thyroid problems as they age? We can perform lab work to diagnose and treat these conditions.

We can customize vaccines for each cat based on their home, if they are outside or inside cats, and their age.

When you are choosing a cat veterinarian, it is so important to look for a team that is aware of the special needs of felines and makes every effort to provide care that is customized for our feline friends. We promise you will receive that and more from the veterinary team at Heartwood Animal Hospital. If you have questions about the specific needs of your feline friend, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Cat relaxing at our certified cat friendly practice