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Care for All Pets | Heartwood Animal Hospital

Our veterinary team at Heartwood Animal Hospital is committed to providing high quality care and customer service to all pets and their owners. We serve the greater communities of  Youngsville, Wake Forest, Franklin County, and Louisburg. While we focus our care on our patients, our compassion does not stop there. We believe that you, the loving guardians of our four-legged patients, deserve the the best in customer service, too. Furthermore, we want to partner with you in your pet's health care, so they can receive the consistent care and attention they need, well after they have walked out of our doors.

When your pet is treated at Heartwood Animal Hospital we provide thorough nose-to-tail examinations. Our veterinarians go above and beyond basic medicine, looking for answers to underlying health problems and prescribing targeted treatment plans based on each pet's individual needs. We're here for you, too, answering any question you have and always informing you along the way.

Get Your First Exam for $1

Every Thursday, new pets receive their first exam for only $1 with a scheduled appointment!

*3 $1 exams per client per calendar year

Ready to Join Our Community?

When you become a client with Heartwood Animal Hospital, you become family. Our dedicated team of veterinarians takes the time to get to know you and your furry family members personally, so they can offer each of you the best in personalized care. If you are ready to join us in a partnership for your pet's health, please contact us today to request your first appointment. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our veterinary family!


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