Heartwood Animal Hospital’s Tender Care Fund has been put to great use to save a life in need.

Recently, a Heartwood Animal Hospital team member found an emaciated and injured young mix breed dog wandering the side of a road. This little dog’s name is now “Lana,” and here is her story:

Lana was found in very poor condition with an obvious severe infection and was brought to Heartwood Animal Hospital for care right away. Lana had a wire deeply embedded into the tissue of what remained of her hind left leg. Based off exam, it is believed that she was forced to chew off her own leg so that she could be freed from her entanglement and starvation. As expected following this trauma, the wire-entrapped leg had severe infection and pain.

What was not expected, however, was the love and happiness that Lana shared with the entire Heartwood Animal Hospital Team who was working to get her life on a positive track. She has been fearless throughout this journey and has never once shown anything other than joy and loyalty to humans. We had to make sure she would never go without the care and love she deserves ever again.

The doctors at Heartwood Animal Hospital were able to use financial reserves from the Tender Care Fund to amputate the remaining part of her infected and painful leg. The fund also contributed to providing Lana with life-saving antibiotics and comfort through pain medication.
Lana is a tough little girl and bounced back from her surgery like a rock star. She was up, wagging her tail, and loving on people just hours following her amputation. Lana is now living with a team member of Heartwood Animal Hospital and continues to prove that she has the most lovely and happy soul. She has another dog sister at home, Lady, and together they live like princesses.

Lana and the Heartwood Animal Hospital Team want to say THANK YOU to all of our clients and community who have so generously donated to the Tender Care Fund. Because of your contributions, a homeless pet in need was saved and now lives a life without hunger, pain, or fear.

If you are inclined or able to make a contribution to the Tender Care Fund to help pets in need, you may do so here: Heartwood’s Tender Care Fund