Meet Our Veterinary Team



Kate Crumley

Practice Partner since 2000

Dr. Kate Crumley earned her education from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and has special interests in dentistry, pain management, anesthesia, surgery, and animal behavior. She is an active member of prestigious veterinary groups including the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA), and the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS). She is always attending national conferences for leadership training and to be one the cutting edge of the newest information in veterinary medicine. She was President of AAHA from 2014-2015 and the Board of Directors since 2008.

Dr. Crumley has had many interesting experiences in the field, including helping many unique animals. She’s helped a lion with a toothache and a wallaby with cataracts! She has a passion for dogs and medicine, and a fascination for all animals. Her favorite part about being a veterinarian is being able to work closely with the animals every day. It’s a really good experience when she and her team are about to make a big difference by relieving pain and seeing a patient who clearly feels better after their care.

Husband Steve and daughter Heather

Papillon named Spock who frequently comes to keep her company at the practice, cat named Neko, and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Bucky.

Road bike cycling, listening to audiobooks, dog training, gardening, and public speaking

Favorite Animal:
Dogs! All dogs are fun.


James Murray

Practice Partner since 2016

Dr. James Murray was born in Yorktown, VA and studied biochemistry and animal sciences at Virginia Tech. He was then accepted into the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 2015. During his years in veterinary school, he focused his studies in small animal medicine with a particular interest in dentistry and orthopedics. He also completed a two month study abroad program in India focusing on zoonotic diseases and parasitology, along with working with elephants. He is an active member with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology (AAVD). As an avid dog lover, he adopted a beagle mix named Minnie during his first year of veterinary school. They actively train in agility and enjoy long trail runs together. Besides spending time with his dog, he also enjoys golfing, tennis, ice hockey, and playing board games. Both of Dr. Murray's parents are human physical therapists, his brother Scott is currently studying at Concordia University in Minnesota, and his wife Chelsea is also a veterinarian practicing with both farm and companion animals.

Practice Manager

Miranda (1)

Miranda Knox

Team Member since 2013

Miranda attended Vance-Granville Community College as a high school student, and graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Cedar Valley College. Miranda has been interested in the field of animal care since she went to her grandfather’s animal hospital as a child. She loves animals and enjoys providing care for them. Miranda is a Fear Free certified professional, she has fostered over 20 dogs and helped them find loving homes, and she has earned the Gold Status Presidential Community Service Award. Miranda is proud to be part of our team – which she considers to be her second family – and she loves getting to know our clients and their pets.

Great Dane named Loki, Scottish Terrier named Aggie, Border Collie mix named Lucy

Special Talents:

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Movies:
The Patriot and Grease

Customer Service Representatives

Arline (1)

Arline Prowell

Team Member since 2007

Arline chose her career path because she loves animals and the medical field. Her favorite part about working at the practice is developing a bond with the pets and pet parents over the years. She also loves working with our wonderful team! Arline does an excellent job connecting with the people and animals she helps, and she loves problem solving.


Autumn and Alissa

Camping and Fishing

What Would Arline do with $1,000,000?
She would start a rehab farm for abused spouses, children, and animals, where they could be a part of therapy in a safe place.


jane (1)


Team Member since 2014

Jane has been with Heartwood Animal Hospital since June, 2014. She has lived in Wake Forest, NC for 20+ years. Jane is married with one child and one grandson. She enjoys spending time with her family during her spare time.

Patient Attendants

Denise (1)

Denise Cooke

Team Member since 2010

Denise loves animals and one of her favorite parts of working at the practice is being able to have a hand in saving animal babies that might not otherwise make it! She loves being able to interact with animals daily. They get so excited to see her! She likes to think she has a special kinship with them.

 Samantha (daughter) and Riley (grandbaby)

Bailee (Beagle mix), Raven (Whippet Mix), Tippy (Peekapoo), Binky, Jolene, Lily, Lynxy, and Malie (cats)

Favorite Books:
 Historical Romance Novels

What Would Denise Do with $1,000,000?
 Send herself, Samantha, and Riley to college, pay off her house, and bring more animals into her family!

Veterinarian Assistants

Brandy (1)

Brandy Driver

Team member since 2015

Brandy graduated from Wake Tech with her Medical Office Administration Degree. She has always loved animals and worked at a kennel for a few years, but wanted to get more into the medical aspect, with the animals.

Bandit (Dachshund) & Polly (Cat) & Remi (Boxer mix)

Facts about Brandy:
She played volleyball from middle school through college & loves doing anything outdoors such as four wheeling, fishing, camping.

What would Brandy do with $1,000,000:
Buy a big house with a bunch of land, plenty of inside & outside kennels and start a Dog Sitting business! You can never have too many dogs around!

Nichole (2)

Nichole Kiefer

Team Member since 2016

She began her college education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and started the Veterinary Technology program at Cedar Valley College last fall. Nichole has a goal to help animals live healthy lives, and she loves being able to meet this goal every day while working with our amazing team.

Pitbull mix named Nico and a Labrador mix named Bella

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Movie:
Lion King

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been:
Puerto Rico

Jessyca (1)

Jessyca Given

Team Member since 2017

Jessyca chose a career veterinary medicine because helping animals has always been a passion of hers. She enjoys working with people as well as taking care of their fur babies, and loves being part of such an amazing team.

A German Shepherd named Skylar, a Border Collie named Cassie, a Mixed breed named Oscar, a cat named Charcoal and a horse named Sky

Facts About Jessyca:
She trained Skylar for her BH Obedience title; likes trail riding with her horse, camping and being outdoors

Most Amazing Place She’s Ever Been:
Kiev, Ukraine

Favorite Book:
The Bible

Favorite Movie:


Heartwood Animal Hospital

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