Meet Nemo, a Survivor who has been cancer free for over 18 months now!

In the first few months of 2017, Nemo started to have some strange symptoms at home including seizures, decreased appetite and bruises all over his skin. After examination and testing done at Heartwood, Nemo was diagnosed with a cancer known as Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma is when cancer cells are in the bone marrow which leads to the production of abnormal blood proteins. Fortunately for Nemo, he has done great on chemotherapy pills that he takes at home. Not only has he been cancer free in Youngsville for 18 months, but he has not shown a single sign of being sick during the entire process. The “Chemo for Nemo,” a very popular phrase in our hospital, does not lead to vomiting, hair loss, or any of the other side effects we typically think of when we hear the word chemo. Please take this time to say hi and congratulate Nemo on his successful remission.