A gentle herb based insect repellent for dogs and cats you can prepare at home. The active ingredient (d-limonene and rosemary oil) will also be a nice coat conditioner and give the coat a nice shine. It will deter mosquitoes and other biting insects for a couple of hours.

Best to use as a light spray each time your pet goes outside when the “bugs” are around. Cats will generally appreciate application better if you spray a cloth first and then give them a rub with the damp cloth (avoids the “hissing” sound of the spray.


  1. Big fat Lemon- the more rind the better
  2. 6″ sprig of fresh rosemary (grows readily in NC, ask your gardening friends for a sprig)
  3. Quart of hot, near boiling water.

Slice the lemon paper thin. Pit in a bowl with the rosemary. Pour over with the quart of hot, near boiling water. Let this steep overnight. (BONUS- your kitchen will smell wonderful) Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth to get every bit of the active oil out.

Pour into a spray bottle and you are ready to use.