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Hot topic discussion: What should I feed my pet?

We all remember that day when we decided to get that new pet to be part of our family. It is a time full of excitement and joy. We go to the pet store and buy new bedding, collars, and toys. Then we walk down that pet food aisle and all of a sudden we…

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The Benefits of Ultrasound For Your Pets

Desi, a beautiful Ragdoll, came into Heartwood Animal Hospital for the first time this summer for a wellness exam and vaccine updates. Desi’s mom had mentioned that she also had the occasional drop of blood in her urine that she had mentioned to her previous veterinary clinic, but her urine exam was normal. Using our…

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Nemo’s Survivor Story

Meet Nemo, a Survivor who has been cancer free for over 18 months now! In the first few months of 2017, Nemo started to have some strange symptoms at home including seizures, decreased appetite and bruises all over his skin. After examination and testing done at Heartwood, Nemo was diagnosed with a cancer known as…

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Tender Care Fund Second Success Story

Heartwood Animal Hospital, with the help of everyone’s contributions to our Tender Care Fund charity, has helped another Youngsville pet once again. Meet Tippy, a 12 year old Peakapoo who was found in a house last week after an elderly lady had recently passed away. As you can see, Tippy had fallen behind on her…

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Tender Care Fund Saves First Life!

First off, thank you to everyone who has donated to Heartwood’s “Tender Care Fund” which was established this year to help treat pets that otherwise would not be able to afford veterinary care.  The fund has accumulated money from our yard sale, direct donations, and raffles that we have held at the hospital for gift…

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Fun Cat Exams Start from the Home!

Bringing Cats to the hospital can be stressful on both the cat and the owner for multiple reasons.  Reasons people often decide not to bring their cat to the veterinary hospital include: Fighting to get kitty into the carrier listening to loud hisses and meows during the car ride Hiding or fractious behavior in the…

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Pop Goes the Patella

Pop goes the Patella Why does my dog keep hopping on three legs around the house at very random times!?  Great question.  It is very possible that your dog may have a luxating patella.  The Patella (aka the knee cap) is supposed to sit right in between the groove of the femur in all of…

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My Dog or Cat isn’t Fat, Just Big Boned!

Everyone reading this blog can easily think of a a very fat cat that they have either owned themselves or seen at a family or friends house. It is easy to tell that a cat is overweight if it weighs 26 pounds when it should weigh 11 or 12 pounds. However, it becomes much more…

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Agility 101

                                               Agility 101: What Should I Know Before Using the Heartwood Agility Field Adjacent to the parking lot of our hospital in Youngsville is a full fenced in agility field, approximately 1 acre in size, for the use of all…

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World Rabies Day

Greetings from Heartwood Animal Hospital. Today’s blog will be in honor of World Rabies day, which is September 28th.   Rabies is still a very serious disease in today’s world, with 55,000 human deaths resulting from rabies every year.  During my 6 weeks in India, it was very common to see multiple animals at a time…

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