Pain Management and Dog and Cat Surgery in Youngsville

Cat and dog surgery is a necessary part of veterinary medicine as it is occasionally the best treatment option, especially in cases where something needs to be removed or repaired internally. When the Heartwood Animal Hospital team prescribes surgical intervention for a pet, we utilize state-of-the-art tools to perform surgery and to manage pain and discomfort, ensuring that your pet receives the very best care from our team.

Pain Management

After cat and dog surgery, pain and discomfort are often natural parts of healing, but that does not mean we can’t intervene on behalf of your pet. Heartwood Animal Hospital pain management treatment options are designed to get your pet feeling good again. We may choose to use medical intervention for pets, but one of our most popular pain management options is laser therapy.

Laser Therapy to Manage Pain
and Stimulate Healing

There has been a lot of buzz about laser therapy in the veterinary industry, and for good reason! This incredible tool, which has been in use in the world of human medicine, has only recently become available for veterinary uses. We are so proud to offer this state-of-the-art modality at Heartwood Animal Hospital. Laser therapy has been shown to reduce pain, minimize swelling, and stimulate healing, making it an exceptional treatment option for pets recovering from an injury or surgery.

If you have questions about your pet’s care, the Heartwood Animal Hospital team is always here to help. We encourage you to contact us today with your questions and we’ll be happy to talk with you about any concerns you may have.

Vets performing dog surgery

Tucker is able to walk after surgery!

Rex Matthews walking after a successful surgery!