Dog Breeding Services in Youngsville, NC

Our Dog Breeding Services Include:

  • Vaginal Cytology to help with timing of breeding
  • In House Progesterone testing for instant results with helping to time breeding
  • Vaginal Insemination with fresh or fresh chilled semen
  • Planned or Emergency C-Sections
  • Dewclaw removals and Tail Docks at 3 days of age or younger


Dog Breeding at Our Animal Hospital

15 Minute Progesterone Testing

  • Heartwood Animal Hospital has the capability of measuring your female dog’s progesterone level using the Idexx Catalyst machine in approximately 15 minutes once the blood is drawn.
  • Progesterone allows us to time the LH surge (Luteinizing Hormone) and Ovulation which allows us to determine the best time(s) for breeding.
  • Regardless of the dates that a dog is bred, we know that gestation lasts 63 days (+/- 24 hours) from the time of ovulation. Knowing when ovulation occurs based on progesterone allows us to help plan a C-section in high risk pregnancy breeds such as Bulldogs.
  • If you need to plan a C-section but are unsure of when ovulation was, we can begin testing progesterone when we get near her delivery date. If progesterone has dropped to less than 2ng/mL, this is usually a good indicator that the puppy’s lungs are mature enough to survive and a C-section can be performed. Other ways that our doctors will evaluate if she is ready for a C-section include abdominal ultrasound to check the puppy’s intestines and kidney development along with ultrasound evaluation of puppy’s heart rates.


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