Heartwood Logo type no tagEmergency Contact Numbers:  Heartwood Animal Hospital- during open hours 919-570-9311.  For established clients, voicemail contact when office is closed, 9am to 9 pm 919-229-9838.
VSH- Veterinary Specialty Hospital ER for Pets 919-861-0109 open 24-7, 365 days a year.

* Povidone Iodine                                              * Medical Tape
* Petroleum Jelly                                               * Cotton Balls
* Hydrogen Peroxide                                        * Bubble Wrap
* Triple Antibiotic Ointment                           * Duct Tape
* Saline Solution                                                * Thermometer
* Benadryl Tablets                                             * Disposable gloves
* Light Corn Syrup                                            * Soft Cotton Cloths
* Corn Starch                                                      * Phone Camera handy
* Pet Piller                                                           * Syringe or dropper
* Non stick Pad                                                   * Mini -pads- feminine hygiene
* My Pet’s special needs

Special items:  Muzzle, Old T- Shirt, Boxer Shorts, Pony Hair Holder, Tubing for bloat risk breeds, Pillow case for cats.


HEAT STROKE- Body temperature can be 107,  Life threatening over 105
Wet down with cold water, cold packs in armpit and groin area, continue to monitor temperature, see a veterinarian as soon as possible.  Pet will need fluids to cool core body temperature and to keep organs functioning.  Will need to be treated for shock.

BLEEDING –  Hand pressure for at least 2 minutes, no peeking.  Clean with diluted Povidone Iodine and cover wound (use sanitary pad or non stick pad with triple antibiotic ointment)and continue to apply pressure, seek veterinary help.  Once wound is covered do not peek at it, it will often start it bleeding again.  You can use a t-shirt or boxer shorts held to the body with a pony tail holder to protect the wound if unable to bandage the area.

SNAKE BITE- ALL BITES of any kind are infected wounds and need antibiotics, get to a veterinarian as soon as possible, even if you think it is non-poisonous snake.  Expect swelling and some pain, more if it was a poisonous snake such as a Copperhead & Cottonmouth, most common here.  ID the snake.  If dead try to preserve the head and bring it with you to confirm ID at the vet hospital.  BEWARE even dead snakes can bite and inject venom!  There is NO longer any antivenin for pets available.  Non poisonous snakes common here are Garter and Black Rat snakes.

POISONING- CALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The first 20 minutes are golden for treating toxins.  ID the suspected toxin, (most common serious toxins: human medications- legit or illicit, sugar free gum, pesticides, rat poison pellets, antifreeze, horse medications) different poisons require different treatments.  Possible treatments: inducing vomiting, different kinds of laxatives, some poisons have antidotes and some require hospitalization.