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Silver Status Cat Friendly Practice

Heartwood Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we have achieved the certification of a Silver Status Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  We are the only veterinary hospital serving the locations of Youngsville, Wake Forest, Louisburg and Franklinton to achieve this certification.  We look forward to providing stress free visits…

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New Luxury Boarding Suite

Check out the video below introducing our new boarding suite! Please give us a call with any questions or to schedule a stay at our hotel!

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How to reduce stress when transporting cats

Greetings to all, especially to those who consider themselves the obsessed and crazy cat owners!!!  Heartwood Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we are currently in the process of becoming a certified “Cat Friendly Practice” by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  During this certification process we will be focusing on techniques to make…

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Canine Influenza Virus

The big news in veterinary medicine last summer was the outbreak of canine influenza virus in many dogs that were not perceived to be at risk for the flu. Historically the strain of the canine flu is H3N8, which had only been a problem in shelters with grey hound racing dogs that were housed to close to horse…

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Is My Dog in Pain?

Both dogs and cats can be very stoic when it comes to how they deal with pain.  Evidence supports the theory that the wolf is the predecessor of the dog through years and years of genetic selection.  In packs of wolves, showing signs of pain means showing signs of weakness and this has severe consequences…

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Scratch That Itch

Finally, the warmth has returned to Youngsville, NC and all of our furry friends are enjoying the spring weather.  With increased time spent out in the backyard, you may begin to notice more scratching, reddening of the skin, and some hair loss.  Allergies is a very common skin issue in our pets and this blog…

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Heartworm Prevention at Heartwood!

Spring is ramping up and so are the mosquitoes here in Youngsville.  Mosquitoes are very important when it comes to your dogs or cats health as they are the bug that transmit heartworm disease.  This blog post will be dedicated to heartworm disease in your dog, and a future blog will be dedicated to feline…

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Flea and Tick Preventative in Winter

A frequently asked question here at Heartwood Animal Hospital is: Does my cat or dog need monthly flea and tick preventative during the winter months? The answer to this question is: Yes. To help this answer make sense, I am going to give you a couple quick and simple facts about how fleas and ticks…

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Kudos Peanut on Your Successful Bone Pin Surgery!

Meet Peanut, a very cute 9 month old male Beagle mix.  Peanut was seen here last Friday after a neighbor saw Peanut hit by a car in the street.  Peanut instantly came up limping on his back right leg, along with having some skin road burns and mild difficulty breathing.  With any traumatic injury such…

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Greetings from Heartwood Animal Hospital, we hope you enjoy our Blog!

This is Dr. James Murray, writing on behalf of Heartwood Animal Hospital, for our first blog entry! I will begin blogging weekly covering interesting cases seen by Heartwood Animal Hospital, which will include preventative medicine, and other pet health educational topics. February is Pet Dental Health Awareness month and we will dedicate this first blog…

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