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Fun Cat Exams Start from the Home!

Bringing Cats to the hospital can be stressful on both the cat and the owner for multiple reasons.  Reasons people often decide not to bring their cat to the veterinary hospital include: Fighting to get kitty into the carrier listening to loud hisses and meows during the car ride Hiding or fractious behavior in the…

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Pop Goes the Patella

Pop goes the Patella Why does my dog keep hopping on three legs around the house at very random times!?  Great question.  It is very possible that your dog may have a luxating patella.  The Patella (aka the knee cap) is supposed to sit right in between the groove of the femur in all of…

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My Dog or Cat isn’t Fat, Just Big Boned!

Everyone reading this blog can easily think of a a very fat cat that they have either owned themselves or seen at a family or friends house. It is easy to tell that a cat is overweight if it weighs 26 pounds when it should weigh 11 or 12 pounds. However, it becomes much more…

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Agility 101

                                               Agility 101: What Should I Know Before Using the Heartwood Agility Field Adjacent to the parking lot of our hospital in Youngsville is a full fenced in agility field, approximately 1 acre in size, for the use of all…

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World Rabies Day

Greetings from Heartwood Animal Hospital. Today’s blog will be in honor of World Rabies day, which is September 28th.   Rabies is still a very serious disease in today’s world, with 55,000 human deaths resulting from rabies every year.  During my 6 weeks in India, it was very common to see multiple animals at a time…

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Emergency Contact Numbers:  Heartwood Animal Hospital- during open hours 919-570-9311.  For established clients, voicemail contact when office is closed, 9am to 9 pm 919-229-9838. VSH- Veterinary Specialty Hospital ER for Pets 919-861-0109 open 24-7, 365 days a year. FIRST AID KIT CONTENTS * Povidone Iodine                    …

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Ensuring your pet's safety under anesthesia

As an AAHA accredited hospital, we are required to have very high standards of care when it comes to monitoring our dogs and cats while they are under anesthesia during surgery.  Anesthesia can be stressful to many pet owners, especially if they have ever heard a story from a friend or family member of a…

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Boarding Your Pets

Boarding your dog Though it’s never easy to leave your dog behind, sometimes it’s the best decision for them. If you take the time to do a little research, you can find a high quality boarding facility that you can feel confident about. Start by asking your AAHA-accredited veterinarian if they have a boarding facility…

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Bugging the Bug Spray

                                      Bugging The Bug Spray A gentle herb based insect repellent for dogs and cats you can prepare at home.  The active ingredient (d-limonene and rosemary oil) will also be a nice coat conditioner and give the coat a nice shine.  It will deter mosquitoes and other biting insects for a couple of hours. Best…

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Dog Bites, reading your dog and re-directing behavior

Learn to speak “Dog” – Instead of expecting your dog to understand English. Keep your dog safe– Safe environment, avoid his anxiety trigger when possible, make sure he has a microchip and ID collar Prepare for distractions– Useful if mild anxiety. Toys and treats and fun games can shift the association to something positive. Decrease…

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