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The Vomiting Cat

Here is an example of an exciting case involving a vomiting cat that we recently saw at Heartwood Animal Hospital: Indigo is a lovely young adult domestic shorthair cat. For as long as her owners could remember, she would frequently vomit after meals. This seemed normal for Indigo, as she has always done this and…

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Dog wearing a cone

Tender Care Fund Saving Lives

Heartwood Animal Hospital’s Tender Care Fund has been put to great use to save a life in need. Recently, a Heartwood Animal Hospital team member found an emaciated and injured young mix breed dog wandering the side of a road. This little dog’s name is now “Lana,” and here is her story: Lana was found…

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Nemo’s Survivor Story

Meet Nemo, a Survivor who has been cancer free for over 18 months now! In the first few months of 2017, Nemo started to have some strange symptoms at home including seizures, decreased appetite and bruises all over his skin. After examination and testing done at Heartwood, Nemo was diagnosed with a cancer known as…

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