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The Vomiting Cat

Here is an example of an exciting case involving a vomiting cat that we recently saw at Heartwood Animal Hospital: Indigo is a lovely young adult domestic shorthair cat. For as long as her owners could remember, she would frequently vomit after meals. This seemed normal for Indigo, as she has always done this and…

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Dog wearing a cone

Tender Care Fund Saving Lives

Heartwood Animal Hospital’s Tender Care Fund has been put to great use to save a life in need. Recently, a Heartwood Animal Hospital team member found an emaciated and injured young mix breed dog wandering the side of a road. This little dog’s name is now “Lana,” and here is her story: Lana was found…

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Tender Care Fund Second Success Story

Heartwood Animal Hospital, with the help of everyone’s contributions to our Tender Care Fund charity, has helped another Youngsville pet once again. Meet Tippy, a 12 year old Peakapoo who was found in a house last week after an elderly lady had recently passed away. As you can see, Tippy had fallen behind on her…

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Tender Care Fund Saves First Life!

First off, thank you to everyone who has donated to Heartwood’s “Tender Care Fund” which was established this year to help treat pets that otherwise would not be able to afford veterinary care.  The fund has accumulated money from our yard sale, direct donations, and raffles that we have held at the hospital for gift…

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Kudos Peanut on Your Successful Bone Pin Surgery!

Meet Peanut, a very cute 9 month old male Beagle mix.  Peanut was seen here last Friday after a neighbor saw Peanut hit by a car in the street.  Peanut instantly came up limping on his back right leg, along with having some skin road burns and mild difficulty breathing.  With any traumatic injury such…

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