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Bugging the Bug Spray

                                      Bugging The Bug Spray A gentle herb based insect repellent for dogs and cats you can prepare at home.  The active ingredient (d-limonene and rosemary oil) will also be a nice coat conditioner and give the coat a nice shine.  It will deter mosquitoes and other biting insects for a couple of hours. Best…

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Dog Bites, reading your dog and re-directing behavior

Learn to speak “Dog” – Instead of expecting your dog to understand English. Keep your dog safe– Safe environment, avoid his anxiety trigger when possible, make sure he has a microchip and ID collar Prepare for distractions– Useful if mild anxiety. Toys and treats and fun games can shift the association to something positive. Decrease…

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Dog Bites!

You’re Invited!  Free class for all Pet Parents. Dog bites are SCARY!  They can happen in an instant. Dogs bite for different reasons, most can be resolved once we understand them.  Learn about dog biting behavior and how to keep your family safe. Please join us at; Heartwood Animal Hospital,  3091 Mays Crossroads Rd, Youngsville,…

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Heat Stroke in your pet.

James Murray The heat has been ramping up in Youngsville, and in these first few weeks of Summer our pets may start showing the effects of increased temperature on their daily activity. Dogs are more prone to heat stroke than humans, as their only way of dissipating heat is through panting. The only sweat glands…

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