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Canine Influenza Virus

The big news in veterinary medicine last summer was the outbreak of canine influenza virus in many dogs that were not perceived to be at risk for the flu. Historically the strain of the canine flu is H3N8, which had only been a problem in shelters with grey hound racing dogs that were housed to close to horse…

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Is My Dog in Pain?

Both dogs and cats can be very stoic when it comes to how they deal with pain.  Evidence supports the theory that the wolf is the predecessor of the dog through years and years of genetic selection.  In packs of wolves, showing signs of pain means showing signs of weakness and this has severe consequences…

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Scratch That Itch

Finally, the warmth has returned to Youngsville, NC and all of our furry friends are enjoying the spring weather.  With increased time spent out in the backyard, you may begin to notice more scratching, reddening of the skin, and some hair loss.  Allergies is a very common skin issue in our pets and this blog…

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