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X-ray Imaging

Diagnostics are one of the most important aspects of pet health, enabling your veterinarian to identify potential health concerns, diagnose conditions, and determine a treatment plan. At Heartwood Animal Hospital, we utilize a variety of incredible veterinary diagnostic tools, and one of our most valuable is x-ray imaging.

What Can You Do With X-Ray Imaging?

X-rays are not unique to veterinary medicine and have been utilized in human medicine for a long time. They have proven to be an indispensable diagnostic tool in both worlds. We use whole body x-rays for a variety of uses, including identifying health conditions and concerns, such as:

X-ray imaging is a simple, non-invasive way for us to visualize your pet internally and identify issues they have been having. This technology allows us to diagnose and treat your pet quickly and efficiently.

Why are Dental Radiographs Important?

Dental radiographs allow us to see the area beneath the gum line where up to 75% of tooth structure lies. By taking full mouth radiographs, we can more accurately diagnose very common diseases. Studies have shown that dental disease is incompletely diagnosed 70% of the time without x-rays. Common findings using dental radiography include: periodontal disease, tooth resorptions, impacted teeth, retained root fragments, dead teeth, broken tooth roots, and abscessed teeth. We generally recommend a set of full mouth x-rays at 6 months of age in conjunction with the spay or neuter procedure or with the first dental cleaning. Follow up x-rays will be recommended based on the type and extent of disease present. Without x-rays, most of our patients would suffer in silence with a painful mouth.