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Treatment for Sick Pets

Our Heartwood Animal Hospital team is here to care for any pet that is showing signs of being sick. Our hospital is fully equipped to run the diagnostic tests and provide the treatment that your pet needs. Signs that your pet may be ill include the following symptoms:

If you suspect that your pet is ill, there is no time to waste! Early care is essential in order to give your pet the best chance at a successful recovery. We ask that you contact our team immediately so that we can set up an examination for your pet.

Conditions We Treat

When your pet is a patient at our hospital, we do all we can to ensure they receive thorough care. We can provide treatment for a range of conditions including:

If your pet is in need of advanced treatment, we have relationships with the NC State Veterinary College, Veterinary Specialty Hospitals of the Carolinas, and Animal Eye Care Ophthalmologists. We encourage you to talk with us about your pet’s needs and we’ll be happy to assist you!