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Pet Nutrition

Just like humans, our pets can be overweight. Most pets have an ideal weight range that is best for their health and longevity and we recommend that all pets stay within that ideal range, if possible. Of course, this is often easier said than done…but the Heartwood Animal Hospital team can help.

Obesity in pets is caused by a number of factors, from thyroid problems to insufficient exercise to low quality diet. If your pet is overweight, we will assess their lifestyle, as well as their physical condition, completing diagnostics to rule out any physical health concerns. Some factors that are important to consider are:

Certain breeds are more prone to obesity and other health conditions. We will examine your pet and discuss any risk factors with you so that you know how to address your pet’s needs and concerns. We provide diets from Royal Canin at our office and can talk with you about the benefits of a nutritionally-conscious, veterinarian-recommended diet as a means of treating your pet’s weight issues. If you have any questions, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Nutrition Concerns for Our Feline Patients

Recent new research on feline nutrition has the veterinary industry buzzing and Heartwood Animal Hospital is excited to be among the first to share this information with our clients. We invite you to talk with your veterinarian about your cat’s dietary needs and the latest information on feline nutrition! Contact us today for more information.